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Once when Jane was feeling down, Dirk hired a group of seventh graders to be her personal cheerleading squad and jump out at her at random times during the day, waving their pom poms and shouting her name.

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Dirk drew Jane a picture to propose to her. She got it framed and hung it in their room.

Being a baker, and having to knead so much dough, Jane’s amazing at massages, and will gladly give one to Dirk whenever he’s stressed or tense.

Jane shows up in Dirk’s anime shades at the wedding instead. Dirk has to wear the kawaii glasses. It was sugoi.

Dirk had casually promised Jane that he wouldn’t wear his anime shades to their wedding. He kinda regrets it on the big day - Jane’s gorgeous in her wedding dress, and he can’t help nor can he stop tearing up.

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Dirk and Jane have movie nights and Jane loves to nuzzle him in her chest while watching movies.

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